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justACRO Team evolves: Gabor Kezi flies the most radical paragliding maneuvers high in the sky or just a few centimeters from the ground. The editor Peter Szabo plays a lot with the speed and camera angles to show what is possible with the paraglider.
Amazing shots, beautiful environment, fluid actions, nice rhythms, justACRO!

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pogozoli's picture

Man, I can't get enough from this video. I'm watching it every day at least once :)).

SHAMAN's picture

One of the BEST made Videos I ve ever seen ! Really outstanding ! Keep on rocking !!!

cloudsvisitor77's picture

excellent video guys.

Keep going!!!

paal's picture

That is the best (best camera angle) filmed superstall I have ever seen. Well done. I'm going out to do some video now as soon as the wheather in Sweden gets better ;)

I miss you all.


mikesm08's picture

thats some stylish video clip man!