11 tricks acro run in Oludeniz - Théo de Blic POV


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Having a good run in Oludeniz yesterday, nice to have some altitude to burn with the 14sqm !
The run :

Twisted Cork Reverse (Left) - Helico to sat Reverse (Right) - SuperStall to Infinit - Twisty twist (Right) - Twisted Joker Reverse (Left) - Twisted Cork (Left) - Twisted Joker Reverse (Right) - Helico to sat (Left) - Cork Reverse (Right) - Helico to sat Reverse (Left) - Cork (Left)

Pilot : Théo de Blic
Glider : Nova - Glitch14
Location : Oludeniz

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freevali's picture

Nice, you can fly a lot of stuff twisted. But can you fly untwisted and backwards? ... :D