Acro Hike&Fly - Haldigrat (CH) - Novembre 2014


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Acrorando fly in Haldigrat (CH)

Start from Wolfenschiessen with the Brandlen lift (500m - 1200m - 9 CHF) then 1 or 2 hours hike to Gigi peak (1850m) and finally Haldigrat (1937m).
Takeoff from the ridge over Haldigrat for a marvellous soaring in the grassy slopes then thermalling up to 2400m and back in the valley for a long acro run 1500m height.
Ultralight hiking gear : Sup'Air acro3, a 3kg Beamer, a 2,3kg rescue and an AirG Emilie 20 = heavy package about 20kg ;-)

Evolution Vol Libre 2014
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