AvA rescue cut away system


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Cut away test.Great idea,like the profly Groovy but on an AvA acro harness!
Walter Neser.South Africa.
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Cool !!!

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Yes, I still have a standard inverted apex reserve in the harness, there are two standard containers, 1 below and lower 1 back of the harness, as it was sold originally, and a hook knife that could help to free yourself for using the cutaway if you are in the lines.

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Hi Pal,
i'm sure a 150 reserve would still work, but, if you have twists when it opens, it may be trouble, that's why i'm thinking 210, it will not dive or spiral on a nasty opening like you could have with a small canopy.

One of the problems is that when hanging from the shoulder (reserve) attachment points of most PG harnesses, your movements are restricted, and you often cannot even look up cause the neck of the harness pushes your head / helmet forward (which is why you do not see my canopy from the helmet POV...). This makes it harder to deal with getting twists out on your reserve.

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Hi Walter,
Incase you fall in to the canopy or lines, can you still use the standard systems with this harness?

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Hi Walter!
Thanks for your response!
It's actually strange, why this system is still not in serial production (by most of the manufacturers) and not yet popular since it is simply the safest rescue system we could ever have...However, it is coming, slowly :)
I guess for canopy size something over 200 would be the safest for sure, but what do you think what could be the smallest possible size that would be still safe to deploy in any kind of shity spinning/spiralling movement?

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So, my second Proto of this system is complete, just watching the weather for a gap in the rain to go test it. The system is built into a standard AvaSport Acro harness, by adding an additional large reserve container on the upper back of the harness, the system looks pretty much like a 2pin BASE rig, we have a three ring release system on the harness, instead of between the harness and riser as on the commercially available harness, so its real easy and quick to hook any wing to the system, it releases from a standard trapezoidal maillion. I'll post a few pics soon. On the first test (see clip) I used a 9 Cell 250 skydiving main, on the second Joe used a 250 reserve, but I'm planning to go a bit smaller still. Joe my partner in this project also had 2 reserves fail, and that is what finally got us going on making what I have have had in mind for about 15 years (damn I'm slow ;)
I'd be happy to help out others that want to do the same, but will only consider production once I have enough test deployments to be sure the system is solid. also need to look at wear on the three ring release system over time etc. Feel free to mail me at the address posted above too.

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it's his own creation,i think he does skydiving too...
i dont live in south africa anymore, but when i visit,sure to get more information.
why don't you email him, I'm pretty sure all your questions will be answered,he's really quick on emails :-)

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Nice idea, i was also thinkgin of it! Is it a factory built prototype, ort it's Walter own creation? Can you post more detail photos, and information? Like what kind and size of canopy is used, etc...