D-bag packing instructional video


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Probably the first proper instructional D-Bag packing video available on the internet brought to you by Pal Takats.

Note that it is still a very hazardous activity and you all should have mastered full stalls before even considering to attempt this! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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pelao_sanchez's picture

Hi there, I just watched "the aerial acrobatics over the bulgarian coast" and seen a lots of dbag jumps from a plane. you need an special folding for that? or a particular speed to jump? I've perfomed some dbag before but always from PG tandem. I like to try it from a plane.

Thanks you,

peterka's picture

Is there any problem if you want to put 19 m wing to large D-bag size? Me and my friend have two different sizes of gliders (19 m and 22 m). What size do you recommend?


allen27's picture

anyone know if a just acro d bag will fit a 22m wing?

akira's picture

Great Video, very detailled.
Makes me want to try it !!