Do you know how to do Wing Overs?


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Hi, I'm David Thibodeau.
I'm making this video because I want to know:
Do you know how to do Wing Overs?

After full stalls, spins and spiral exits, this maneuver is the most important of all if you want to begin acrobatics.

The understanding and the mastery of this basic maneuver will later help you with loopings, tumblings, corkscrews, mctwists, Infinitys and more.

Do you know how to do it properly? Do you understand the dynamics behind it? Are you abble to make more than 5 perfects ones in a row?

If not, would you be interested by a video where I would explain you; How to approach it at the beginning.
How to mentally prepare for it.
What are the safety reflexes, material and thoughts you need to begin.
What are the dynamics behind it.
And how it's mastery will acclerate your acro progression.

If you need such a video, let me know by posting in the comments below and I will prepare the most exhaustive video material on Wing Overs you will have ever seen in your lifetime.

Now, let me show you HOW I DO perfect Wing Overs.

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swixznaari's picture

Yes please :D

yamadav's picture

it will come

robilars's picture

Yes please!! :D

moritzk's picture

totally agree, need the video :)!!!

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Hey David, I definetly would need this video to improve my wings over and continue to do acro properly.
Thanks in avance, realy nice initiative!!!

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Thanks very much David. I would be very happy to see good advice coming from pro pilots. Please make this video if you get enough time. I will try your advice.