Drop myself and I


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Is it so that I am the first to do this?

A new version of the self D-bag drop video by Pål Hammar Rognøy
Place: Åre - Sweden
Gliders in use are: Gradient Seven 18 and 16
Filmed using Gopro Hero HD in lowest setting
And a standard Sony DV cam.
Edit using Sony Vegas Pro 9
Sponsors: Gradient, Lierne, BULA, GIRO

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flyingdiglu's picture

realy nice A CREATIVE thinking :-)
blu sky happy fly & safe landing
regards :-)

paal's picture

Thanx everybody for you votes. Unfortunatly, facebook f%&/cked the voting system, and the comp had to restart. So please go to .... xcmag.com too vote again.




dany_studer's picture

For me you winning the oscar for this video Its funny, have action
and looks like you had great day with glider and family.

AlFatah's picture

great video men! you got NUTS! :D

terry's picture

hahaha! :-D Nice vid

paal's picture

So I'm not the first to D-bag from a paraglider.
But that is a speedrider he's using to drop?
So I might be the frist to D-bag a paraglider from a solo paraglider.
Many have jumpet parachute before, and Antoine Montant did a parachute D-bag from a paraglider in a tumble this summer.
Also more or less same technik.


JasonKB's picture

Fantastic! Great movie that shows the best sides of gliding, fun and adventure, most of all invention. Thanks for posting it and sharing.

paal's picture

Oh yeah
Booth kids have been flying tandem with me several times.
Also my wife fly, so we are a flying family.
The oldest girl Vera at 6 years now know how to pack rescues ;). She's into the game.
The other complain everyday she is not flying (Pippi, 3 years).

I would like to know if anyone heard anyone doing this before.
In my mind it's all so simple, and I can not believe I'm the first to D-bag myself from a solo glider.
I know lots have done it with a parachute. But never a paraglider D-bag. So please let me know if it's like I suspect. That I'm not the first.


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:)))) Very unique and also funny! Great kid, teach her to fly soon as possible :). Congrats!