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I am delighted to present the GLITCH9.5 the World's smallest Acro wing !

First of all : All the shots here are on their original speed ! none of the shots have been sped up :D

I was always into very small Acro Wings, I was among the first to fly 16sqm, then the first to switch the 14sqm for competitions then in 2018 I built the Agility11 which as the smallest acro wing ever (until now) and flew it as much as I could in order to master it. When I joined Nova I knew that ultimately I'd like a very small version of the GLITCH, I just needed to wait for its development to be finished. As soon as I had a working version of the GLITCH I immediately ordered the 9.5.

I can say that this wing is the fastest, most radical and scariest glider I have ever flown in my life. It's just so damn fast and aggressive, almost scary sometimes and taking off and landing are one hell of a challenge but that's also the most exciting, fun and thrilling wing I have ever flown in my life. I think my excitment and heart rate have never been higher than after landing with this little beast ! :D

It took me almost 1.5 month to fly this wing properly enough to be able to show it in video, I didn't want to have the wing, fly 2 helis and say "hey I have a 9.5 and I am flying it" because that do not fit the way I see things ! I wanted to have the wing and really fly it, fly all the acro tricks, be confident and most importantly fly all the tricks. I am not there yet but I am training for it, I am now flying almost all the trick non twisted, some reverse tricks and some twisted tricks like (cork reverse, twisted cork, twisted mactwist to heli....).

Thank you NOVA for following me into my crazy ideas !! :D

Filmed and edited by Bimagine Films

Wing : Nova GLITCH 9.5sqm flat
Pilot : Théo de Blic

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