New Swing Acro Gilder - 17sqm


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pilots : Neubacher Andy, Amon Christian

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Any news about the Swing 3D Freestyle 22 sqm wing? One of my friend would be interested in some opinions.
Thanks, Zoli

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a acro glider who make helico and sat...unbeliveble!!!

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but still i hope they change the text on their website....

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this is defenitly not the salto,... have another look ;)

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I sent an e-mail the other day and the reply is as follows: The glider from the video is the 3D accro, which comes in two sizes 17 and 18 but it is still a prototype. The glider that is coming out is a freestyle (3D freestyle) glider of 22m2 and it will soon be on sale.

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it says on the website that the smaller of the two is area projected (m²)19,2.
there's also a contradiction in the text~

" However, provided the pilot has the necessary skill, it is still easy to control the glider in extreme flying conditions. The design of the SALTO is based on the ASTRAL 4 and it is therefore suitable for acro-beginners too.

Of course, like any other acro glider, the SALTO is suitable only for very experienced pilots. "