Niviuk FG2 dropping out of heli


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Niviuk FG2, 20m. 100 flight hours, pilot in flight weight 100kg.

First clip is of me going for heli today, and encountering the same problem over 20 attempts, of the glider dropping back into parachutal, even though no outside brake was held. Weightshift was between centre and outside, glider just seemed to run out of energy and drop back.

Re trimmed glider faster with one larks foot loop in the a's and a loop in the b's. Second clip is of heli after retrim, it improved the wing in heli but still needed a lot of piloting to keep it from going into deep stall and running out of energy.

Have no idea why.

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Your video does not work. SO I can't help you.
But maybe you nailed it by now?