Oludeniz 2019


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Hi, I experienced my first Oludeniz this June 8-22. Few days of my first SIV and then thereafter free-flying and practice.
@Bruno, yes, a good number of pilots. Mainly tandem and other free-flyers. In all sometimes at maximum I saw 50-70 head counts on take-off(maximum I have seen in my experience). If you takeoff from 1700m takoff, at a time 8 runways for takeoff is breathtaking for me. Despite high count at takeoff, it is still easily flyable and enough time for everyone to take-off and have safe flight.
@Jai, this time weather was on some days overshadowed with clouds at takeoff and sometimes good. I could see early morning 8 am flights from my hotel room and I have been to take-off as early as 9:30 am. Last flight I had was at 7:15 pm. There is enough daylight till 8-8:30 pm. A minimum of 2 flights on not so good days were always possible, except for a day or two. Even on partly cloudy days, i.e. clouds on the mountain top but beach and other area clear of clouds, local tandem would fly for and fly through a narrow cloud opening(or closing clouds), thereby clearly flying out of closing clouds in 3-4 minutes for a safe visible flight over the sea waters. Thereby everyone follows this style on cloudy times. On most days 3 to 6 flights were possible. I could do maximum 4 on few days. It depends on individuals. Local tandem were informative as in would know new faces and tell/warn only if weather is turbulant, bumpy, etc. One time I got this message and it was bang...bumpy in air!!!
Interesting I also saw few Inspectors at take-off locations who would randomly check pilots for safety. I assume they were from FAI (I may be wrong!!).
It is indeed a beautiful place to practice over water. I would love to go there again...

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I’ve heard most days heading up the hill not before 17:00 (5pm)

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according to me, too many people during summer

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Nice video...Is Oludeniz flyable whole day during June-July?