Some "Special" Situations


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neither i´m proud of anything that happens here, nor do i think anything shown here is worth emulating, i was just extremly overmotivated and incredibly lucky.
i suppose safetytrainings are the better option for learning new stuff!

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I agree with Yamadav, the main problem is the lack of experience, before starting to learn acro. I see more an more of these hot headed beginners, who just want to do acro right away, after they got their licences. This is bad way, in my opinion. While some may have more skill then other, and can learn quickly (specially young kids), I do think it is very important to have at least 1-2 years of "normal" paragliding experience before jumping into Acro! One has to learn thermalling, doing small XC flights, practice landing, do as much ground handling as possible.

I know Johanness, seen him flying, and I know he has been warned a few times. He is not as crazy as you see on the video :)

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I have to clarify something here:

The errors and mistakes are not the problem here, we all did, and all of us will do some at one point or an other.

The problem for me in this video is that you are not making some errors by PRACTICING something or by TRYING

something. (well, you are trying things, but without knowing what the manuver engage as risks and skills)

You are making some basics errors because you don,t master things you have to master before to pass to the other level: for your own safety and for others.

SIMPLE: YOU NEED TO FOLLOW SOME STEPS...and then pass to the other manuver, and to the next one.

For example, you need to know how to brake pitch pendulum before to make stalls. EVIDENCE.

You need to learn how to control a collapse before to do wing overs. EVIDENCE.

You need to know how to exit a deep spiral before to do a sat. EVIDENCE.

-You need to know how to make a Stall before to make a spin, and a SPIN before to make a SAT. (on my opinion, because I saw to much people stalling a sat (spin and getting twist) without knowing what was happening).

You need to learn to make a landing on a target (EVIDENCE!) before to go cross country. (not your case, but i,m giving you some examples.)

These were just some examples of some basics you have to master before to do anything else.

And again, i,m not judging your errors (I certainly did more than you), i,m not saying that rescue is not a safe way to learn (you have to know how to pull it when is time to save your ass!), I,m not saying that you do things in a bad way, i,m not judging you on this video.

I,m telling you need to master the basics before to do a more engaging (skill) and dangerous (risk) manuver.

You need to know how to ground handle before to take off;-)

I don,t know any paragliding pilot that did not have dangerous situations, but I know some fucking good pilot that had their ass kicked to master these dangerous situations..

I know some dead pilots that did,nt have their ass kicked.

Now look at this (3 months in Organya): Fabio Barretto Fava kicked my ass during my

rythimc learning and 3 weeks later I was doing Infinit.

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Théo is right, nice discussion.
There is no recipe to stay alive but keep enjoying your flights.

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@ Johnson Gravity

Theo is right. You will live if you are doing it right. My philosophy how to stay safe is something like that and Im not an pro acro pilot:

1) Make a licence in good school
2) Repeat the course if you are not able to land properly by yourself.
3) Try to play as much as possible with the glider on the ground, you will understand much better everything.
4) First and second year always fly with better pilots than you.
5) Learn how to fly short distance corss country flights.
6) If you are thinking about acro learn how to make fullstall with your eyes closed.
7) Always keep in mind that the glider can win with you even if you think that you are good.
8) Even best acro pilots makes sometimes stupid mistakes.
9) Keep height, and always do not afraid to use rescue. Don't wait to long, you might not have second chance for nice flying
10) And the last thing. Nowadays you don't need to buy smallset acro glider on earth to start learning acro.

and more...

I watched your movie once again, and the last action puts a smile on my face.
Its not because of you, but the action is funny :-)

I'm glad that you are still here with us. Take care and happy landings.


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Johannes bist trotzdem mein Schatz :)

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avoid the air and stay on the ground please ;)) - no keep on, by doing more safe landings. that´s the original sense of my comment! ;)

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Hi guys!

I am sorry to interrupt the favorite discussion of acro pilots! I know all of you really like to compare your “safe” progression to the crazy one of others pilot and that you like to say “please stop paragliding” but I have the feeling it is important to come back to the real topic here :)
Because it got lost into the “stop paragliding, you are crazy and you will die” stuffs.

And I think the only really interesting comment got lost, it is the one of Yamadav, but unfortunatly you said it in a bit too agressive way so Johannes may not have heard it the right way :)

So I would like to clarify some stuffs here is what I think is important :
Our sport is growing I think all of you would agree to that. And so as a natural consequence of this more and more pilots are coming to it, and we have more more differences between the way of learning process, there are the really safe one and the crazier one. But it is normal in all sport it is working like that!

In my own opinion my progression was closer to the “crazy” one than to the safe one, but guys, check it out ! I am alive! and I am still flying, I still love it more than ever and I am not going near to kill myself at each flights!

Also please keep in mind we are doing an extrem sport wich is paragliding, and we are doing the extrem part of paragliding wich is acro! And so when you do extrem sport, it is for adrenaline, I am not flying acro, to be safe every flights and to be sure I will live for 80more years, the point is I am flying for adrenaline and most of you are ! In acro if you fly the safe way all along you will soon stop progressing, not trying new tricks and only practicing the one you already know and so I am sorry to say that but I don't get the point of flying like that, this is a sad goal to me...

And so, to come back to this video :
In my opinion I don't see the rescue stuffs, the full stalls etc in such a dramatic way! This is his way of learning and learning by mistakes already worked for a lot of pilot, look at me, I don't want to say I am an exemple but please I am doing EVERY tricks both side without problems and I had a lot of more critical situations than him during my learning process! I felt into my canopy 2 times the same day and I am not proud about how I learned but that is the reality and we have to think about that we are not equals and the way it worked for you will not work for him! Even if I don't think my learning process was the best one, it worked still!

Also I see a really really good point in the video, because I saw videos of nearly all of you I know you are not doing it and so you are closer to the death than him : This pilot is checking for his altitude nearly every time! And this is the thing! he will not kill himself while doing shit because he will know his altitude and when to throw the rescue!

Of course don't think I am saying “keep up the good work man” that is not what I am saying, in flight you have a lot to learn for sure, full stalls exit and stuffs but please keep on looking for your altitude that is the safest way to learn! Rescue is not a shame, and some of us are learning by rescue that's all ! and some of the best pilot of the world threw a lot of recue during the learning process (look at François Ragolski, Horacio, Hernan etc... )

But here is what I think you have to work on because in my opinion it is the real problem here : your landing and placement !
You have to learn how to avoid obstacles, like wall, people, trees and how to land in small places without stress. That is for the safety of the other people not yours. This is the point you have to work on! Really!

Most of what I am saying was already said by Yamadav but I am sorry bro, it was quite in a too agressive way to be fully understood by every one so I thought that it should be good to re-write it in a more friendly way :)

And please pilots stop asking people to stop paragliding or saying them they will die, or they are giving a but picture to the sport because that is not fair and not true, you might have learn with the safe way but who know if you really learn anything.. At the end I know a lot of pilot who have the same way of giving advice and I know that since years they did not learn anything new and are still doing the same 4 or 5 tricks. What a boring way of flying ! I don't wish that to anybody ! That is far from the real acro spirit..

And also please keep in mind why we are doing an extrem sport, if it is to be sure of tomorrow, to fly without adrenaline and new stuffs please go doing some football :) it is the right sport of you !


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Hey, by the way guys. Do you know this guy?

Well, I met this guy in Organya this summer and he was really smart...can you guys tell me that this guy learned from his errors?

No you can't, this guy is dead in Organya this summer in front of 30 good acro pilots and in front of his pregnant doing the same errors he made in the video I show you know. One week before he died, he had a similar situation and he pull the rescue only at 100 meters from the ground...he save his ass in front of everyone. But on the day he died, he never throw the rescue on 600 meters of "Special Situation" and hit the mountain just 50 meters below the take off.

This guy could learn from his error but nobody told him: Hey man, the last time you were in an emergency situation, why did you pull the rescue only 100 meters from the ground? You had 500 meters to pull it!

@ Johannes: Get your ass kicked, not over-protected, and go get some better paragliding reflex, and then get good acro pilot and impress ourselfs. We all will be proud.

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@ Shiva: You mean this guy? I know this guy better than everybody, I know that he was already able to land on a preselected landing area and to brake a stall exit.

But this guy had to learn how to do great wing overs with great teachers that kicked his ass to wake him up (Thanks especially to David Eyraud and Maxime Chiron).

What I just said to your friend in my last message is maybe shocking (and I was shocked when I saw the video!), but it is constructive...the video as well is constructive.

@ Johnson Gravity: you have to go back to the basics (what you seemed to do in your last message) and to learn to do the basics before the "acro training"...and then to learn the basic of the acro training.

That was my constructive side.

Here is my runny side;-)

Do you know this guy? :P

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@ manu, klar wir haben uns im mai an der gerlitzen getroffen, aber es war ein sat... egal, trotzdem scheißsituation...
aber der schirm blieb entgegen deiner behauptung unversehrt ;)

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holy crap, dude!

Did you crash spiralling into the Ossiacher See in summer 2012? I saw one, who actually did :-O

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i got my license in summer 2011, then the first 150 flights were pretty unsafe... especially in nepal... until summer 2012 (1 year)
since then i´ve done bout 200 flights more and gettin safer... proper landings and no more rescue...

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good point shiva :) anyway i think his flying is ok, learning by doing (mistakes sometimes ) is normal.

@Johnson: why do you say "my first year paraglding" ? you were already flying in 2011. or do you mean one BIG calendaric year? :D

greetings and good flights :)

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@ yamadav:

do you know this guy??

sorry bro, but I think that everybody of us had the one or the other situation, which was not that safe!
Johannes did a lot of mistakes in his first paragliding year, but I know that he learned a lot of it and I think that his next season will be much more safe!

don't judge people just because they have done mistakes... everybody does/did and Johannes just got the balls to show them to you all!

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I hope you take the critics the right way, what we do is more or less dangerous to begin with and you certainly doesn't make it less. If you are prepared to risk your life you better start think of those who has to pick you up, tell your family etc, or you could hurt someone else. Accidents makes the sport look bad and could get it banned and restricted, just look at the speedgliding for example.

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This damages our sport.

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You pass near to injure yourslef seriously at least 9 times in this video...

You don,t even know how to land on a preselected landing area without being a danger for yourself or for others, and you are talking about safe training!!!!??? The first think you have to think about when you take off is to land in one piece. And try to learn how to do some pitch pendulum, because you don,t even seem to know how to brake a stall least you know how to throw the rescue.

You jumped sooooo many steps just in this video that I would say you should go back to paragliding school and ask them to learn you how to land properly and to evict obstacles (trees and other paragliders).

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@ steve: it wasn`t ur tandem ;)

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nothing to say... just stop paragliding please

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hahaha too many Special" Situations :-)

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Crazy pilot ;-) So chess then ?

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lucky i got my tandem back in one piece ;D

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kamikaze landings. ;)