Towing Downunder


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The "interesting" footage from 6 days towing in Queensland Australia, All done over water.

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I think if more people cared, there'd be more comments here cautioning the same as Andi and Brooke. People say stuff because they care and or they know better. Remember, there's no rush to be good and that 'acro' is supposed to make a paraglider look good not like siv disaters. Perhaps map out a training bar/graph and logical progression program as winching a few days a year there must be tough to not go mental with height ;-) . *go to Organya*

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Agree with Andi there.

Know a lot of pilots with broken backs/legs/necks from crashing in water hard - it carries plenty of risks still.

Remember guys - the cooler way of learning acro is taking time, learning the manoeuvres progressively and with control :)

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wow,... a lot of uncontrolled situations... keep in mind that water can be pretty hard if you crash hard/fast!