Towing Paragliders with a Cloud Street Winch - SIV & Acro


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A few short clips shot this summer while out towing paragliders with the Cloud Street Winch. This stuff just keeps getting more fun. Lots of tows over 4000' were clocked this summer both over the water and on the road.

This season has shown us all different kinds of applications for our payout and stationary winches including towing Ultralights, Hang gliders, Paragliders, speed wings, wake boarders, snowboarders and skiers, BASE jumpers...the list is getting crazy long!

Thank you all for your continued support! You are all responsible for making dreams come true!

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1:16 I did exactly the same with an 18kvm, it was much faster(I think) I also released a little bit earlier as fast as I felt it start turning but I was to slow and aggressive with the first pull. Got me a bit nervous as it ended up in spiral with a cravat and I've been trying to imagine how it looked like and try to understand what happened so thank you for this video.