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Here is the full story about trimming my Nova acro wing.

I don't explain exactly the trims we did but just give a general idea basically because I want to keep that knowledge. But I think you might get some basic information of what we are looking for while trimming and what we are trying to solve.

I am sorry for the length of the video but this is super hard to explain this subject in a short video. So this is contents for the paragliding nerds mainly. Feel free to comment and ask questions :-)

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We were working together with Philipp (Nova designer) and Fabian (Nova test pilot) in order to try to improve the general shape of the wing. From the wing initially not going well in infinit to the wing ending up nearly perfect we had several ups and downs from making progress to simply getting a collapse on the very first turn.... Like and comment if you like such content and I will make a bigger video explaining more stuffs !

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Thx man!!

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Enjoyed watching this experimentation(R&D) video, the making/trial-runs of acro wing. Thanks for sharing.
Is it first of its kind(acro) by Nova?