Tumbling with the Kooky


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Don't be too critic with me, I know is plenty of mistakes but, come on! it's my first ever! I just want to show why I love this wing

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Fabian's picture

Modern acro wings are great in anti-rhythmic. Once the tumbling gets off axis (or while still building up amplitude in a rhythmic SAT) and you stop giving input, it will come down by itself
Just like when you started flying: if you are not sure, hands high (+close your eyes and scream like a little girl) until everything is ok again :-)

acro_guru's picture

I liked watching it!! Keep it up. I wait to read experts comments.
It appeared the exit was automatic !!....? No breakes etc ?

PGBea's picture

Hi, I think it is. This is 18 m2 with a wing load of 4.6

romain.perrier's picture

wow this wing look awesome!
wich size is this?