Twister is a happy thing


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thanks bro! I am commited to train this on iquique this august! This maneuver looks sooooo good!

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Hi Nelson, sure ;-)
I think this will help alot of pilots:
the trick is to make your opposite helico feel normal. Everybody has a preference to their helico side, if they don't then they are not making lots of helico's...
It's normal in sport to have a preference even if you are completely ambidextrous and it has to do with which is your leading(stronger) eye or which hand you write with + what side of your brain is most dominent(creative vs. logic) :D

Then the training secret everyone uses for the transition is to spin your un-natural side, stop it and go in helico to your natural side. You can see the boys doing this vigorously in Organya until they have the transition, then they go for real twister :D Here in this video I just got lucky in a very short flight with no height from starting helico nice on my opposite(un-natural) right side :D
See you in the sky, happy twist'airs ;-)

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owww nice!!!! I want also that happines, im working on this one too! Any tips?

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twister is always the ultimate goal of happiness! :D time to train it now ;-)

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twister baby yehaa cool :)

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nice man :)