What I Do: DTacro 2015


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I’m proud to present you WHAT I DO: DTacro 2015
Youtube: http://youtu.be/iEeuVHFppEU
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/140370023

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Ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad to present you my lastest and best acro paragliding video ever. Ok, it is a little bit unstable at some points, but still a realy good one.

Music: PL – I’m in the zone
Filmed by Samuel Collin, piloted and edited by David Thibodeau.

Don't try these maneuvers at home unless you know you have risk of crashes, enjuries, rescue openings, falling in the canopy an many other dangers.
No maneuver performed in this video is perfect.
It is not a guide on how to do maneuvers.
Its only to show what acro paralgliding is and some of the maneuvers I am abble to perform.
No syncro stuff.
All was filmed (handy) in only 2 different days and 2,5 hours of waiting/fliming by Samuel Collin on the takeoff of Mount Yamaska, Québec, Canada.
I hope you will enjoy it and if you do so, please share it.

Acro Paragliding is one of the most extreme aerial sports.
It is physically and mentally demanding because of high G forces,
crash dangers and the complexity of the maneuvers.
It is visible near flyable paragliding sites
such as mountains, lakes and winch fields.
Competitions and shows are often held in Europe
but also all over the world as South America and Asia.
The sport is growing fast in these part of the world,
but slowly in America.
I am one of the American continent pilots,
currently training in Canada for
upcoming competitions and shows
and I’m proud to show you
WHAT I DO: DTacro 2015

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Very Cool David! Keep the same trend up!