Wings over to Rescue


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un intended mctwist

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Hi Yamadav! I think you weight-shift too early. Wait until you get on the top, and weight-shift when you are going down and in the same time hands up to accelerate.
The major problem with this wing-over was that your weight-shift wasn't okay and you pulled a huge spin instead of a wing over.
If you want fast wing-overs but not too high weight-shift when you are falling down, but if you want high wing-overs weight-shift a bit later, close to the center point when you arrive under the glider.
Maybe you knew these already :).
Have fun!

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what happened there? looks like you spun it negative resulting in an uncomfortable situation. hope you didnt get hurt!


dont make wind over in two moments,
make wind over in three
left, midle and rigth.
take the brake left, and put your weitgh in the left, in the top put your weitgh in the midle and put yours hand up, until you arrived down, an them put your weitgh on the rigth take the rigth brake and repeat this movement.

when you are going up , perhaps you need take a little bit, the oposite brake, for don´t lose the tension in the oposite side.

try it and you see, your wind overs go better, and safety