Bike, Chai and Fly


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This is impression of what we did in the North of India during October 2018.
This was one of the biggest adventures we had. It was hard to catch all the breathtaking moments on camera. Specially we did't gave to much effort on filming thats why it wasn't possible to show the all of our emotions and that what really happened.

Our trip started in New Delhi from where we go by car to Chandigarh (380m) where we got our bikes at "make my ride".
From there we started our trip straight into the wild nature of the Indian Himalayan to Kaza the Capital City of Spity Valley (3800m). For that we took 3 days of hardcore traffic action India style ;-).

Spitty Valley was our destination where we planed to stay and to Speedfly for a while... We didn't know that it was a military restricted zone, so we got busted by the police flying there...
ok we knew that it was a military zone and that it was forbidden to fly with drones... but not explicit forbidden to fly. so checked it out.
Had to pay 25 euros to came out and get our gliders back so we continued our journey.

Our next destination was Manali. We chose the way over the Konzum Pass on 4500m with our bikes... this should be a committing task.

The first day we made most of that which we want top reach for the day.. so we slept in our tent.
During there night it startled snowing and we heard a lot of strange noises around our tent.

The next day we recognized that we had no connection to the mobile network and the streets where that frozen that we couldn't continue with our bikes. so we walked 2 km to the next village.

There were a few cars and bikes but no people. There we recognized that during the last night all other people from that valley where evacuated by the local military. (the sounds we heard in the night)

Luckily we met Harry, a Indian traveler. We connected and waited for the weather to get better. The forecast said 2 weeks. Two weeks to get stuck should be a long time...

After we waited 5 hours we got a good weather window which deleted down all the ice and snow which was on the road. So we ran back to our bikes packed everything, put Harry on the Backseat of my bike and left this valley.
8 hours of driving for 50 km, several falls on the bike on minimum speed and we made it.

The next day we just had to pass Rohtang Pass. Another 8 hour mission. But we also made it reached Manali and the Solang Valley and had some really nice day of flying over there. Met super nice people.

The rest is not necessary to be told. Just watch it by your own.

Om Mani Padme Hum �