Muğla Ören speedfly ve yamaç.


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speedfly and paraglider 1 day holiday flight.

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and we have also good place to acro near istanbul. this place is tekirdağ uçmakdere. you can start acro in box 450 meter if you dont turn thermal but also all the summer have many thermal to climb. winter also flyable place and all day you can found transport ( transport price is 2 euro ). So i can suggest you tekirdağ uçmakdere if you want to come Turkey to fly.

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sorry about my late answer. take of is around 650meter and when you are over the sea at 600meter but landing area is not under the mountain so begining acro can be only about 500 meter over landing area. Here is near the bodrum one of the famous site of Turkey.

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Where is this spot? it looks nice to fly acro… How much hight do you have in the box?