Private acro course with Pál Takáts in Italy


I. 10-15 May 2022 (0 places available)
II. 17-22 May 2022 (0 place available)
III. 24-29 May 2022 (0 places available)

- Maximum 3 participants per group.

- Combining instructional tandem and solo training flights.

- Powered by the Master Acro instructional videos (incl. in the package).

- All focus on Your progression!

- Flying at one of the best training spots on the planet.

- From beginner to professional level.

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Acro Game 2018 - pilot list and important info

An exciting third edition of the Acro GAME invitational contest is coming up the first week of August in Organyá, Spain! 15 of the world's best pilots from 11 nations will compete in a face to face battle system with direct eliminations. In each 1on1 battle, they will challenge their opponents with freely chosen tricks. Whoever gets it wrong, gets a letter and the pilot with 4 letters will be eliminated. We are going to see nowadays aerobatics elite perform their latest moves and justACRO's Pál Takáts will be there again to play the role of the head judge and to give first hand reports about the highest level competition in existence! Who can challenge 2-times Acro Game champion Théo de Blic?
Click to see the list of invited pilots and learn more.

New FAI Sporting code and 2018 comp format

Attention competition pilots! The new FAI Sporting Code S7B for aerobatic paragliding has been released! Quick summary of changes:


In 2018 only one technical change is introduced.
Until last year the only manoeuvre allowed to be reversed was the Misty to heli (Misty reverse).
The reversed manoeuvre becomes now a new choreography bonus, like for twisted and flipped manoeuvres.
The manoeuvres performed reversed (max. 2 per run) will increase the choreography mark as follows:
Reversed Misty to Heli: +6% 


Freedom of Flight Film Festival

The Freedom of Flight Film Festival is a not-for-profit NZ based film festival
showcasing international and NZ adventure flying films that was established in
2017. Their aim is to promote adventure flying in its various forms and its culture to the
widest possible audience in New Zealand. The film festival showcases international
and NZ films about adventure flying including speedflying, hang gliding, sail planes,
paragliding, base jumping, skydiving and wingsuit flying. For further info visit:

Tim Alongi takes it all in La Reunion!

Tim Alongi (FRA) won the Acro Masters battle tournament at the French La Reunion island flying his AirG Emilie. After the Acro Game in Organyá, the annual Sonchaux Acro Show in Villeneuve this contest was the third high-level invitational battle-type event of the year - so no doubt now that this competition format is spreading fast! A total of 16 pilots high level pilots from 11 nations were invited to participate. All the competition runs were launched via d-bagging out of a helicopter. Chilean Vice World Cup Champion, Victor 'Bicho' Carrera came second flying the Sessions - a new wing soon to be released by Ozone.

Cloudbase Mayhem podcast with Pál Takáts

Gavin Mcclurg, one of nowadays greatest paragliding adventurer and the creator of Cloudbase Mayhem - got on with a long conversation with Pál Takáts in his latest podcast about his career, acro, cross-country, X-Alps, ups and downs, accidents and thoughts how to become a better and safer pilot! Listen here:

Or over at Gavin's blog, the Cloudbase Mayhem.