Learning to Heli


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I’ve been trying to learn how to heli but I always make a mess of it. Enjoy pointing out all my mistakes, please! I know I have a lot to learn which is why I am posting this video. Thanks in advance for your comments, I really want to get better at this seemingly impossible trick!

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on the last attemps you do not a heli, you try to do a spin to heli or something like this. Your hands are in a very asymmetrical position. But first of all, you should change the way you hold your brake handles. Go with your hands inside the handle and hold the brake line with your thumb and forefinger. Watch videos from Max Martini. You will see how I mean. This gives you much more feeling on the brakes. Then it's all about the deep stall. Try to fly proper deep stalls before you try to rotate the wing. Once you're able to stay for at least 5 sec in deep stall, you can try to start the heli. The better the deep stall is, the better your heli will be. I think there other guys who can give you much better advice than me. But don't forget: heli is one of the most difficult manouvres. Don't give up until it works ;-)