Learning Infinity


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Here is a video of my way to first infinity turns...

I marked the video with Day,Flight,Try stamps so you can follow the progress...

Here are few things to point out that other pilots were telling me and you can see them on me to...!

1.Progress line is not a strait line up!
Never expect that every try will be better and better... You can see it easily on the video that my learning curve was not always better and better... For example take a look at 2nd flight... After great first tries (note that i have been doing rhythmics also before), on flight02 i couldn't get in to rhythm at all...
2.Do not do to much!
Do not do too much flights per day or too much tries per flight... You can see in the video that usually the last flight in a day or last tries on a flight where not so successful... Pilots that never made something like this are getting tired, your body gets tired but more important, your brain gets tired too!!
While learning exiting with hands up and just sliding on the side worked perfectly for me (thanks Ondrej), but also for few other pilots i know... I would recommend it to everybody...
4.Harness position
I found that siting upright as much i feel confortable with, helps me a lot with the g-forses, espetialy for the 2nd,3rd tries

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