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Hello all! I'm trying to understand what was the issue with the shown Asymmetric SAT. Any comments? I've had some unwanted coconut spins before but never this kind of deflation on the outside. Glider is an Ozone Octane 2/22 with about 95 kg of loading. Thanks for your comments!

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Hey guys, thanks for your comments! I really appreciate it and will keep working on this trick!

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If i could try to give some advice, it must be like this:
1. Practice Asym spirals without holding on to your risers
2. Try in every asym spiral turn to face straight down and dont be to much in a turn. I weight shift outside when i am going down to straighten up my asym without using the brakes. U need speed.
3. Start the next turn before you hit the bottom of the pendel. This will give more speed and power to your asym spiral.
4. When going for the dyn sat, do it before you hit the bottom.( Like 160-170 degrees) Dont pull the sat to hard because you will flip the glider to fast and you will loose energy. Do it with a gentle feeling. If you pull the dynsat after you passed the bottom you will get higher dyn sat but with less energy. try to start with much energy and then do it later and later when you have the flow.
5. 3 turns with good asym spirals give 2 good rounds with dyn sat, exit as a sat on the 3. round before the glider goes underneath you.

There are probably 1000 of ways to learn this maneuver but anyway, here are my thoughts. Good luck :)

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I have the same wing. You need to have better asy.spiral with more speed, and everything will be ok. This glider can do really nice hight asy.sats. Regards.

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You need to come under the glider more. Make sure you do good asymmetric spiral swinging straight under your glider.

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Looks like you let your brake out a bit.