Acro Base from Tandem


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AVA sport ACRO BASE S size - HARNESS CUTAWAY New - 2018
No paraglider attached. Kati and I tandem out to test the system. Using a Flix 200 Base Canopy.
I found that the Connection risers were too long.
Stowing brake lines..... I could only fly with brakes on even with arms fully stretched because I’d put the brake lines though the velcro attachments which I found out won’t come apart during flight, this would also cause premature brake line wear. Base canopy’s do not have pullies they are free brakes without the safety of bungee line attachment. Let go of the brakes and you loose em’ The stows on the Ava aren’t what you’d normally find on base equiptment and throws even an experienced base packer off guard. “Never saw that before”
Also I found the V line separating front from back risers started too high, so if a brake line snapped or one had a line over, rear riser steering would be next to impossible. Me being 154cm 5’1” short exacerbates this problem. However a good skydiving rigger could easily shorten them.

Summery: All in all it was fun and I gained trust in the system. I didn’t experience a hard opening and the Flix was so passive. Landing was a doddle, but the accuracy will more than likely land you shorter than anticipated.