ELEVATION - the journey of a free spirit - full movie


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A short movie about the journey of a free spirit, a journey of freestyle expressed through various sports connected in the same spirit! Freeflight, Freeride, Freedom… Freewings!

Directed by Fabio Zgraggen
Featuring: Joel Ryan (Kitesurf), Kristian Dovcos & Sam Hochstrasser (Acro Paragliding), Ze Mauricio & Edgar Garces (Downhill Longboard), Dominik Wiki (Base Jump), Mauricio Gouveia (Freestyle Longboard)
Score by Sonal Schönfeld, Mathias Kees

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EricV's picture

Best edit ever watched staring acro... This jos is absolutely awesome, well done guys.

Martini's picture

A treat to my eyes to watch such well edited video.