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Learning how NOT to do things and occasionally getting them right. Great times and its all about the journey!

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Ben, very useful comments!!

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Chur thanks for the advice

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It looks like you are having problems with your helicopter for these reasons:
1- you are not controlling a deep stall correctly before you spin.
2- you are not initiating the spin at the correct time when the wing is directly over your head
3- it looks like you are using to much break during the helli, both sides.

The easiest way to become good at hellis is to practice your deep stall until you can hold it for comfortably for at lest 10 seconds. you need to focus on stalling your wing (finding the stall point) then releasing your breaks completely, then coming back down slightly with both breaks when the wing is over your head. you can then control and learn to hold the deep stall with minute break adjustments.
from this point you can release one of your breaks and induce a tiny bit more break on the positive side to start your hellico.

Hope this helps!