What the fuck - Laurent Roudneff


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Want to be two minutes in Laurent's head ?
Board in this film to see what is Laurent's life : ride, fun, trips and games across France from the north coast to the sunny dune du Pilat while not forgetting to enjoy a little swin in the Channel and Annecy lake which have exeptionally close together.

Pilot / Camera / Edit / Sound design :
Laurent Roudneff
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LRoudneff/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/laurent_roudneff/?hl=fr
Contact : laurent.roudneff@gmail.com

Music : Prop Dylan - Can you Imagine

Special thanks :
Dudek Paragliders : http://www.dudek.fr/
La vache s'envole : http://www.lavachesenvole.com/
Matahi Baobab Energy Juice : https://www.matahijuice.com/
Hopaal : https://hopaal.com/

Quentin Chaumy : http://quentinchaumy.com/
Romain Egea : http://romainegea.com/

Benjamin Perrin - Josselin Paul - Antoine Alinquant - Christophe Tran - Guillaume Simon - Vesna Asanovic - Zoe Farini - Julien Michaud - Nicolas Reinié - David Charpentier

Places :

Equihen - Quend - Dune du Pilat - Lac d'annecy - Versailles

Copyright RC Prod - Laurent Roudneff 2017

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That is crazy!! Enjoyed your video. Keep it up.