Height difference: 
Acro over: 
Wind directions: 
North, North East, South West, West, North West

Launch Choralpe mountain 1810m.
Acro training with good altitude (1100m difference), big acro box (a lot of meadows) and a lot of runs possible (45min rotations).

In winter time you will exit direct at the launch point. 12 runs possible per day.
In summer time you have to walk 10min to the launch. 7 runs possible per day. In summer time also good thermals to keep up.

Cable car runs from 8:30 - 17:00 (18.5.-20.10.2019)
Prices: season pass 190,50 - 291,50€ or day tickets for 25,50 - 35,00€
Free car park
20min away from the highway

Just let the local school know that you fly acro and respect the flying students. Acro is not a crime there