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North, West, North West

Around the well known lake Annecy I know 3 take off places. On the north of the lake there are two large start place with rug. There is a parking place next to the lower (N45.51.181 E6 13.345) its landing place is at (N45.50.924 E6 12.786). You can reach the upper (N45 48.794 E6 15.162) by car but parking is not allowed there, someone has to take the car down or you can leave the it at the restaurant and then 10 minutes walk. From the main landing place (N45 47.080 E6 13.289) they take you up for 5 euro by minibus. Top landing is prohibited on the upper take off because mostly it is crowded by pilots and tourists, but you can land a little bit away at the restaurant especially at the end of the day if the car is there. The mountains are very nice here mixed with white limestone and trees, to say nothing of the lake.
Behind the mountain of the take off on the higher mountain there are several grass fields for landing, taking a rest and start again. At the other side of the lake there is a small take off place but that wall works only in the morning, after twelve probably you can stay up there. If you leave the car next to the road at (N45 47.253 E6 11.465) just follow the track with the tables show the direction to the take off place. It takes less than 5 minutes. Above the lake it is time to try some acro but be careful, do not fall onto a boats there are several on the lake. Very nice task to fly around the lake and also perfect departure for long cross country flight on the good days.

Description by Péter Susán.

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