Billing - Bir

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South East, South, South West

Really great place in India, from Delhi aprox. 12 hours. Villages name is Bir, Mountain - Billing. Best time is October November. If you go earlier, thermals will be really strong and weather unstable(rain). Usually I stay aprox. 1 month, prices are really friendly(hotels, food, transfer, taxi and etc.).
As we know, this is on of the bestest XC place in the world, but if you know what you do, you also can practise a Acro. :) There is no water landing possible. Thermals are really great, in a good day you can fly ~6 hours.. Last year, all days in month was great. :)
So if you want a enjoy another culture and fly fly and fly, go to Billing - Bir.
See you there in this year(2010) october/november :)


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This year I go to Bir with Chris. In Bir we will be ~11. Oct. till 6. Nov.
So, we will be there :) If You also will be there in these dates, my mail is lvmarnix[at]

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Interesting, when I will go to Bir, I will contact with you.. I am planing to go to Bir in this year october/november.. :)

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Thanks for sharing ;-) :-)
If any one of you out there interested to fly at my home site,
It would be a pleasure to throw down some syncro :-D
other site are also there for the pilots who prefer to fly alone and looking for water landings within 150kms
my pleasure to assist you during himalayan trip.

akshat sharma, (IAS)
team flyoctane

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Thanks for this info! We need more of these! Include your site in the justACRO startplace catalog!
(Yes allen1234 was a spambot, i deleted the post and disabled the user.)

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It's good, that this information is helpful :)
I think allen1234 is spamBot :S