Shinde Hills

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North East, East, South East

This is not an acro site. This site is used to train beginner pilots.

1. Ground handling
2. Bunny hopps
3. Top to bottom flights

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It all boils down to how you define an acro-site and indeed acro. If one need a water body to practice over and a high mountain for takeoff, then this is not an acro-site. I updated this site when I started with my paragliding.

However now as I have myself taken my first few steps into acro, I realize this site indeed offers potential to practice few acro maneuvers. Few very important acro aspects that this site provides are:-
1. Ground Heli
2. Helico Landings, as many as one wants due to very short takeoff and landing. One need not pack a paraglider every time to takeoff. Just balance it overhead on the ground and walk/run uphill to takeoff....and within five minutes another helico landing...Again, back to takoff....repeat, repeat and master...
3. Spectacular landings. Spiral to landing spot. I see spectacular landings are part of every acro competitions!
4. Acro hovering ( staying in a fix location in air for some time)

A challenge at his site is, being a low altitude and small site, pilot need to be very quick in decision making, thereby bring out lot of alertness and playfulness in all what you do here!

But definitely as you rightly said, 'why it is here?'...I updated it when I was new to paragliding and for reference of pilots nearyby who may use this information. I am now thinking of editing original description..

I think it is not a site, but the acro within us that makes an acro-site?

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if this isn't an acro site, why is it here?