KIZAKIKO Flghit Park

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North, North East, East, South East, South

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KIZAKIKO Flight Park is the only one flight area that can fly above lake in Japan.
The area is maintained well by elder owner. It runs from May to November. Wintertime is closed due to much snow. The area has very nice view throughout the season, especially autumn would be nice. After flight, you can have Japanese Soba, Sushi, or interesting foods in near town. In August, you can have free Watermelon that cultivated by owner if you are lucky.

The nearest airport is Matsumoto airport. Then, connect to bus and train. First, get bus and go to Matsumoto station. Then, take the train for Minami Otani on Ooito-line and get off at Uminokuchi station. Hike to lakeside landing place about 10 minutes. But don't hike in the early morning in late October, you might encounter with bear.
I recommend if you decided to come, inform them on information board to write your plan on the website.
You can borrow special float from owner in case of water landing. The rescue boat is staying for summer season.

The landing zone is directly next to lake so very easy to landing approach and has two more zones for emergency. Do not land anywhere else! Because landing zone is surrounded by agriculture area.