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Harissa is situated 26 km far from Beirut in Mount Lebanon. It’s accessible by car. From Jouneih, follow the serpentine road to the church of Harissa and then go further few kilometers. It’s better to go with the locals first.
The take off is 50 meter far from the road to the left, at 650m ASL, and has a lovely view to the Mediterranean See and the city of Jouneih. The startplace site is pretty small, suitable only for one glider. It's possible to start from SouthWest to NorthWest winds. By a glide, you can reach the see about 300 meters high, but even in the winter thermals are available and a long ridge is soarable.
The landing area is on the beach, close to the only casino in the Middle East. Be careful, trough north-northwest winds the landing zone could be turbulent because it is on the lee side of the nearby hill.

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