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South West, West, North West

The Ohrid lake is the bigest touristic place in Macedonia. It is an ancient town with 365 churches and many ancient monuments. The mountain is faces to the west and almost all take offs are turned to west. The take off we mostly use is 30km from the town southwords. Asfalt road leeds to the grassy take off (1600asl) landing at 690asl. The mountain is very steep and there are strong thermals lead to 3000 meters and more. What is specific for the terrain is that there is not wind drift. Inspite of the strong thermal wind sometimes at the take off, at the landing i totally calm and the lake is like a mirror. It is very important for judging the place eventually to open emergency or land in the water. If it is not flyable in Ohrid we have many sites flyable around. Domestic pilot have habit once per day (usually in the morning) to walk additionally 1 hour and go to the top 2280asl. to come out about 1300m above the lake. Hiring the rescue bouts varies from 30 to 50 EU per day. Sleeping is from 5EU in the camping and privat houses, more in the hotels. Landing is at the camping’s shore.

Description by Mendo Veljanovski

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