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Great place to fly acro. Beautiful scenery, nice people and staff. The cableway takes about 5 minutes from start to stop. Departs every 15 minutes or half hour. Depends on the season and the amount of people.

Watch out for cable lines after take off and keep a safe distance from them.
You will reach the box within 30-40 seconds after take off.

Max height in this area is 2591 m above sea level - TMA.

Landing is on the field located just north of the bridge.
See link and picture: http://flightlog.org/fl.html?l=1&a=22&country_id=160&start_id=6111
(Text is in norwegian)

Blue area is main landing and green for reserve and emergency. Please respect the farmers request on not packing up your gear on the grass. Please move to a road or parking place located near the landing zone prior to pack.

Typical for this place is strong seabreeze in the afternoon, summertime.

Due to helicopter sightseeing traffic, it is strongly recommended to inform Sandane Airport on telephone prior to flying and when flying stopped for the day. In addition, it is also strongly recommended to inform Fjord Helikopter with flying activities by texting.

Sandane Airport phone: 0047 57869422

Fjord Helikopter text/sms: 0047 97484040

Have fun and take air :)