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Acro over: 
Wind directions: 
North, North East, South East, South, South West

Around the beautiful lake of Bohinj there are several startplaces.
The most suitable for acro training and competitions is the Vogel. This is a ski resort, situated south above the lake, at 1665 m AMSL. Best wind direction is NE. Take the cable car and the chairlift to Orlove Glave. From the top of this chairlift the take-off is just 100 m to the left. You can reach the lake about 800 m high by a simple glide.
The cost for the cable car and chairlift is around 2000 sit (8 EUR) for one way.
Because this area is a National Park, you have to pay around 4 EUR for the car parking.

There is an automatic meteo station, the phone number is +386 (0)31 808 809.

Another take off is on the Vogar mountain, on the northern side of the lake, at 990 m AMSL.
It is also suitable for SIV courses, acro competitions and trainings.
Suitable for S, SE winds. It’s well protected against Northern winds, by the high peaks in the background. The only thing is that without thermals you arrive above the lake quite low, around 300 - 350 m.

To go to Vogar you follow the road through Stara Fuzina and up to Vogar mountain (fee 7 EUR per vehicle). Follow the signs to Vogar (about ľ hour), than park the car almost at the end of the road and follow the footpath down to the take off (approximately 20 minutes). First time it’s better to go with the locals. Take take off is o.k. but quite steep and short.

A bit far from the lake, there’s a site for SW direction, but usually SW or W winds are too strongs (especially in the afternoon). You can’t reach the lake at suitable height without thermals. It’s accessible by car and than about a half an hour walk.

The landing place of all these startplaces is on the beach (see the picture).