Monte Tamaro

Height difference: 
Acro over: 
Wind directions: 
North East, East, South East

Mount Tamaro is good for training Acro in the morning. The Startplace is just 20meters away from the station. The landing field is about 50m away from the station. So you can do many flight's in a short time. There is no water.

Take care of the valley-wind. After 12-13o'clock it can be strong and cause turbulences at the landing place. If you're already airborne and you notice that the wind is strong at the landing field, so you can fly to the south to Bironico. There is a big grass field beside the highway.

NEVER fly with wind from the north because of the North-Foehn (pression difference N-S should be smaller as 4hPA).

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Monte Tamaro is not situated in Italy, it's in Switzerland (in canton Ticino, south side of the alps).

It's easy reachable by car or by train from Bellinzona or Lugano (leave the train in Rivera-Bironico). The cablecar starts in Rivera and goes directly to the top, the starting site is directly behind the station of the cable car.

A day ticket costs SFr. 27.- (mention that you want a paraglider day ticket), not really expensive if you do many flights. Its the small gondola-type of cablecar, not just two big gondolas which only drive every hour or so, there are a lot of gondolas which drive the whole day. You can land directly in front of the station, pack your things, go three steps to the cablecar and throw the package into the next gondola... You won't lose time waiting for the next journey. One disadvantage: It is a little bit slow...

How described above, the valley-wind starts soon and might become strong through the day. It also becomes more turbulent and maybe you decide to stop doing acro... But you don't need to go to land, just cross the valley (there is enough height direct from the starting site) and go soaring at the slopes in the east of Bironico. They are faced directly into the valley-wind and its often possible to fly, topland and play around until late in the evening.

Also mentioned above: Be careful (or better don't go flying) if the forecast mentions any kind of wind from the north. It might be Föhn, a wind caused by pressure difference between the north and the south side of the alps. This wind may become really strong, it might be that you don't feel anything in the height but it broke through into the valleys (the wind falls dry-adiabatic down the alps and at the south side of the alps it often is colder than the surrounding air which means that it breaks through into the valleys first). So if the pressure is 3 or 4 hPa's higher at the north side than at the south side of the alps better let it be. The venturi effect caused by the Monte Ceneri pass just in the north of Rivera makes it even worse. Maybe you can go flying somewhere around Bergamo (Italy), this region is a bit better protected against Föhn or go flying at the north side of the alps (not a really good alternative because if there is Föhn in the south it is raining very often in the north...).

OK, have fun... :-)