Walensee - Chäserugg

Height difference: 
Acro over: 
Wind directions: 
South East, South, South West, West

The Chäserugg peak is situated on the Churfirsten ridge overlooking the Walensee. It's height of 2262 meters ASL offers an elevation of 1800 (!!!) meters from the lake's surface. Since the mountain drops down almost vertically to the south the way out to the water is very short (~2 km) and therefore the site offers about 1400 meters for acro maneuvers! This makes it to be probably the highest over-the-water flying site in the world!

There is cable car access to the peak and from there the launch is 5-15 minutes hike depending on the direction.

The main drawback of the site is that the cable car runs from the backside of the mountain, from another valley behind the mountain. The cable car station from the lake/landing is therefore only accessible by car or train. This means a 55 km and around 1 hour drive from Walenstadt to Unterwasser.

There is no officially dedicated take-off place but there are various suitable spots. Walk around and find the best for the actual conditions. The top of the mountain is all grassy but with holes and lot's of rocks in between so choose your spot carefully!

The landing place is the same as Schrina flying site. Respect the rules and do not land anywhere else!

The website of the cable car: http://www.bergbahnentoggenburg.ch/sommer/