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North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West, North West

Ölüdeniz is situated at southwestern coast of Türkey and it’s probably one of the best acro sites. The closest airport is in Dalaman city, 60 kilometers away from Ölüdeniz. There are two main take-offs on the Babadag mountain (1967 meters), one at 1910 meters suitable for north and south wind, and the other at 1700 meters for west. These are accessible only by trucks through cedar forests. When the road is closed by snow during winter months, a take off over the sea at 800 meters is used. Trucks to the take offs starts from the beach every couple of hours, from sunrise to sunset. The road is 27 km long and it takes approximately 45 minutes. Try the ride on the top of the trucks, but look out for the trees.

The area is very thermical and during the summer sometimes you can climb up to 4000 meters over the ridge…and than? Pure acro trough thousands of meters!
With a straight glide from the lower takeoff, you reach the water over 1000 meters.
The place is really beatutiful. Many companies offering tandem flights for the tourist, and they run the truck service also.

Links: Babadag.com