United States of America
Height difference: 
Acro over: 
Wind directions: 
North, North East, East

A coastal soaring site making several runs per hour possible, with decent altitude (~500m) over the box. While it is possible to train over water, you will lose considerable altitude pushing out far enough to compensate for drift, and ending the run early enough to soar back up means you will only get a few tricks per run maximum. The best training is actually over the jungle. The trees are soft but retrieving your equipment would be tedious and time consuming. This site is more safe for training than Makapu'u, but not quite as efficient since it takes more time to regain altitude and the box is further away. There is no rescue boat on standby, though it may be possible to organize your own.

Like Makapu'u, the most consistent season is Mar-Oct, though training is possible year-round with favorable conditions.

Ideal wind at least 20kph from the Northeast.