Soboba Flight Park

United States of America
Height difference: 
Acro over: 
Wind directions: 
South, South West, West

Arguably Southern California’s best place to train Acro. There are multiple launches up the mountain ranging from 200ft to the top 1700ft launch. While it’s possible to hike up to 1700ft for a quick run, the best flights are when you can thermal above launch and get multiple refills an hour. The site works best in Southwest winds when the convergence is north of launch or directly over launch. On good days here it’s possible to do 3-4 laps an hour from altitudes between 3000-4000ft AGL. Pilots can hike or pay for a quick ride up to the 800ft launch. Best season is Spring and Fall. Summer can be good but quite dangerous mid day, best to wait until late afternoon.

Camping available on site.