NIKITA³-22sqm - Esfera with a wing load of 4,4


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Here is a rythmic to infinit folowed by and an anti-rythmic (esfera) with a Nikita3-22sqm and a take off weight of 97kg, the anti rythmic is not that clean but it is possible to do it as clean as with a small acro glider and it is really easy to learn, the glider is going really slowly and it is very easy to understand the timing in rythmic/anti-rythmic.

The funny thing is that in rythmic the glider has so much pressure that you feel very well when you have to release the brake because the pressure increase really fast.

If you want to learn these manoeuvers with a take off weight between 90kg and 120kg it is the fastest and safest way to do it :)

Just take one and enjoy the feeling :)