Master Acro - ADVANCED SEASON: now available as separate package

The Master Acro ADVANCED SEASON is now available as a STANDALONE PACKAGE for 65 EUR in the justACRO Shop! If you are an intermediate acro pilot looking to progress further, then this is the best value for your money available right now:

Content overview:

1. Intro & important safety notice (03:08)
2. The Box: placement and drift & management of altitude (09:47)
3. Typical emergency situations and reserve deployment (20:27)
4. Asymmetric SAT (11:46)
5. Helicopter (19:46)
6. Misty Flip (18:18)
7. Dynamic Full Stall to Helico (03:38)
8. SAT to Helico (08:27)
9. Helico to SAT (07:21)
10. Helico to Helico (07:27)
11. Misty to Heli (06:25)

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Théo de Blic's latest new tricks!

Getting Acro Paragliding Further - Théo de Blic

Théo, nowaday's most innovative pilot just returned from a short trip to Lake Garda where he systematically invented 4 new connections, all based on his latest breakthrough in paragliding aerobatics - the Superstall to Infinity.

-SuperStall Flip to Infinit
-Backfly to Infinit
-Flat Stall to Infinit
-Twisted Stall to Twisted Tumbling

Click to watch and read what Théo has to say about the latest evolution!

Master Acro - vol 2: Your FAIL videos WANTED!

Dear justACRO fans, I need your help! Please share your emergency situations caught on tape and help other people not to make the same mistakes! From cross country emergencies to acro, collapses, twists, cravats, reserve deployments, etc. - everything is welcome!

I am working on new episodes for Master Acro such as Misty Flip, Misty to Heli, SAT to Heli, Heli to SAT, Heli to Heli, MacTwist, MacTwist to Heli, Tumbling, Rythmic SAT, Infinite Tumbling...There are many special situations and emergencies that I am not able or not willing to reproduce. Not only looking for situations related to the maneuvers above, but also in general. Even non-acro related action can be very useful...

Bad Weather Time is Movie Time - Mid Season by Tobias Margreiter

Last year, filmmaker Tobias Margreiter (@bythnc // escaped the Austrian Winter to shoot a cinematic narrative about two Acro Paragliders and many guest Athletes.


Sebastian Kahn, Simon Winkler, Ferdi Toy and many more!

Check it out and look forward to the upcoming ÖLÜDENIZ AIRGAMES 2019!

Red Bull ACRO CROSS - results

The first Red Bull Acro Cross ended on Sunday on Sopot, Bulgaria. 2016 World Champion Francois Ragolski (FRA) won the competition with a pretty safe margin, followed by Nicola Donini (ITA) and Jack Pimblett (UK). Christina Kolb, female World Champion and only woman participant finished in the impressive 6th place leaving many big guns behind her. 

We collected everything you need to know about the judging concept of this competition. Click to read more!