Never ending summer party at Lake Garda

Event date: 
2016/10/15 to 2016/10/16

Big season ending gathering in Malcesine, 15-16th October!
- Free shuttle to the cable car
- Free safety boats
- Party on Saturday night
- BASE jumpers welcome
- D-Bag jumps
- Cable car daily pass for only 10 EUR!

10 years justACRO - archive cut

10 years justACRO - archive cut

2005-2007 archives from our Acro-Tours back then...
For me this is by far the most emotional video clip I ever edited...Those who were there, know why...

Enjoy, remember and never forget!

Mucho Love! <3

Sonchaux Acro Show - Horacio tops the battles!

Another successful edition of the renowned Sonchaux Acro Show! Countless spectacles and shows colored up the skies of Villeneuve 4 days and nights! We can't wait to see the event video of this year!

Results of the prestigous 'Battle' comp format:
1st: Horacio Llorens
2nd: Ondrej Prochazka
3rd: place: Rafael Goberna

As usual the event also hosted the Swiss Championships too!

Solo results:

1st: David Geiser
2nd: Jérémy Péclard
3rd: Lionel Hercod

Synchro results:

justACRO Boogie 2016 - official event video

justACRO Boogie 2016

The official video of the first justACRO Boogie held at the Flieger Base, (Gerlitzen, Austria) with 113 pilots signed up! A friendly and fun event with happy faces and over a 1000 acro runs flown! Yes, what you see here is actually real, no computer effects applied - 84 pilots flew all together on Saturday! :)

Many thanks to all the sponsors: Ozone, Icaro, Supair, Red Bull, Gloryfy & video production.