Tim Alongi takes it all in La Reunion!

Tim Alongi (FRA) won the Acro Masters battle tournament at the French La Reunion island flying his AirG Emilie. After the Acro Game in Organyá, the annual Sonchaux Acro Show in Villeneuve this contest was the third high-level invitational battle-type event of the year - so no doubt now that this competition format is spreading fast! A total of 16 pilots high level pilots from 11 nations were invited to participate. All the competition runs were launched via d-bagging out of a helicopter. Chilean Vice World Cup Champion, Victor 'Bicho' Carrera came second flying the Sessions - a new wing soon to be released by Ozone.

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Never ending summer party at Lake Garda

Event date: 
2016/10/15 to 2016/10/16

Big season ending gathering in Malcesine, 15-16th October!
- Free shuttle to the cable car
- Free safety boats
- Party on Saturday night
- BASE jumpers welcome
- D-Bag jumps
- Cable car daily pass for only 10 EUR!

10 years justACRO - archive cut

10 years justACRO - archive cut

2005-2007 archives from our Acro-Tours back then...
For me this is by far the most emotional video clip I ever edited...Those who were there, know why...

Enjoy, remember and never forget!

Mucho Love! <3

Sonchaux Acro Show - Horacio tops the battles!

Another successful edition of the renowned Sonchaux Acro Show! Countless spectacles and shows colored up the skies of Villeneuve 4 days and nights! We can't wait to see the event video of this year!

Results of the prestigous 'Battle' comp format:
1st: Horacio Llorens
2nd: Ondrej Prochazka
3rd: place: Rafael Goberna

As usual the event also hosted the Swiss Championships too!

Solo results:

1st: David Geiser
2nd: Jérémy Péclard
3rd: Lionel Hercod

Synchro results: