Master Acro - ADVANCED SEASON: now available as separate package

The Master Acro ADVANCED SEASON is now available as a STANDALONE PACKAGE for 65 EUR in the justACRO Shop! If you are an intermediate acro pilot looking to progress further, then this is the best value for your money available right now:

Content overview:

1. Intro & important safety notice (03:08)
2. The Box: placement and drift & management of altitude (09:47)
3. Typical emergency situations and reserve deployment (20:27)
4. Asymmetric SAT (11:46)
5. Helicopter (19:46)
6. Misty Flip (18:18)
7. Dynamic Full Stall to Helico (03:38)
8. SAT to Helico (08:27)
9. Helico to SAT (07:21)
10. Helico to Helico (07:27)
11. Misty to Heli (06:25)

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Acro GAME 2019 - full length

Acro GAME 2019

Watch the 2019 summary of the 2019 Acro GAME! This documentary type report gives a close view into nowadays highest level of aerobatics paragliding! Big ups to Horacio Llorens, the mastermind of Acro GAME and Ikonemedia production for putting this great video together!


Red Bull Acro Cross

These days a brand new type of acro event is taking place in Bulgaria, Sopot created by mastermind Veso Ovcharov: the Red Bull Acro Cross! 

The competition merges the two big disciplines of the sport – acrobatics and cross country - into one unique format. The hosting town Sopot, is already well known in XC competition scene. Parcicipants are all manually selected and invited and there are some big names among them such as Francois Ragolski (Acro World Champion 2016), Nicola Donini (2nd in World Cup Superfinal 2018), Félix Rodriguez or Tim Alongi.

Today the third task of the event is running with....


Sonchaux Acro Show 2019

Acro Show 2019 Rétrospective

Watch this spectacular edit of this year's Sonchaux Acro Show, the world's oldest and most renowned acro competition that includes a massive airshow, an invitational battle contest and also the Swiss Championships! The winners of the invitational competition are: 

1. Victor Carrera (Chile)

2. Rafael Goberna (Brazil)

3. Tim Alongi (France)

2019 Aerobatics World Cup - overall podium

By also winning the last Aerobatics World Cup of the season, Théo de Blic celebrated the second overall World Cup victory of his life at the price giving of AcroMax in Italy! Chile's Bicho Carrera and Colombia's César Arevalo were following him on the ladder - demonstrating the latino power in the scene!

Théo wrote in social media:

Yesterday I realized my kid's dream, but this time for the second time... the emotion that comes with the world cup winner title is always so strong but in a very different way. The first time was....

4th justACRO Boogie 2019


The first week of August fans of aerobatics paragliding from all over the world colored up the sky at the Gerlitzen, Austria. Thanks to all the participants for the good vibes and nice memories! Check out the photo gallery of the event by Rolling Stone Photography.

Click here to see the photos of the Boogie Photo Contest.


Théo de Blic – 3-times champion of Acro GAME

The final battle went down between the two young French talents Théo de Blic and Tim Alongi. Théo once again has proven his dominance in the aerobatic world with a 2:4 win. The battle for the 3rd place between Victor 'Bicho' Carrera (CHL) and Egor Posokhin (RUS) was really tight with Bicho coming out on the top with a 3:4 victory. 4th placed Egor took the price of the best trick with his own trick the 'Hardcore Infinity' which beside the Superstall to Infinity (only performed by Théo, Egor, César), Twisted Misty Tumbling and the Double Backflip Dynamic Stall turned out to be the most respected tricks of the contest – top participants reported.

Click to read the FULL REPORT