Acro Game - test event in Organyá

An exciting new type of competition format will be tested this weekend in Organyá! 15 of the best paraglider pilots in the world will be there to battle their way to victory! Classification will take place on Saturday 13th. The next day, only 8 pilots, 1 vs 1, will be competing for the final positions! One pilot will demonstrate a trick to challenge his opponent who then needs to perform the same maneuver to score or loose a point. We are excited to learn more! Good luck for all this weekend!

AcroMax - no valid runs...

Due to the strong north winds throughout the entire weekend, unfortunately no runs were flown at the AcroMax World Tour event in Italy...
All focus turning towards the 2nd World Champs in Annecy!

AcroMax 2016

The second and last World Tour event this year is underway in San Simeone, Italy! 23 solo pilots and 7 synchro teams are registered. After yesterday's sunny training day the first tasks today were cancelled due to early and heavy thunderstorms...The forecast for the weekend looks better though.
Watch the video summary from last year here!
Photo: Brooke Whatnall

justACRO Boogie: thank you!

WHAT A NICE WEEK!!! 7 lovely days, 113 registered pilots, ~1000 acro flights, 84 pilots in the last all-together-flight many happy faces, 80+ sponsor presents (inkl. a glider!) spread out in raffle, great spirit & 10 years! And proudly saying that only 2 smaller accidents happened and 7-8 reserve openings! I dreamed about this event for a very long time...and now it finally happened...and how! I'm so happy, thanks for the positive...