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As of Oct 13, 2014 its not allowed to fly acro in the area of the mountain "Elfer" in Stubaivalley. Read more here.

A not very high but extremely effective training spot near Innsbruck, Austria. The infrastructure and the speed of rotation is great. Due to the nearby acro community in Innsbruck it is a frequently used training site.

The gondola ride is very direct and quick - around 5 minutes only. The cable car is a 2 minute walk from the landing place and the take-off place is right next to the top station from the ski slope.

The elevation from the valley is 820 but because the distance to the landing is fairly short you will reach the maneuver box with around 500 meters.

In summer best to train in the morning hours only because the entering valley wind (around midday from North) makes the air turbulent and the way out to the maneuver box became a lot longer. Pilots with normal gliders use the valley wind to soar the lift in the front end of the mountain.

Watch out! There is a flying school frequently operating at this site. Their shop and office is directly next to the landing place. It is a busy commercial tandem site as well. When students and tandems are in the air, take good care with your placement and stay out of their way! Keeping piece with the school is a crucial issue!

The Stubai Valley is well known from it's micro-climate. Due to its close proximity to the main alpine chains it mostly stays protected from föhn (gusty, dangerous southerly winds) fairly long, even when in nearby Innsbruck it is already strong and impossible to fly. Spring thermal activity may start as soon as January-February.

Daily pass for the gondola is around 26 EUR (2013). More information and webcam: http://www.elfer.at/

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