Height difference: 
Acro over: 
Wind directions: 
North, North East, East, North West

2 different startplaces :

1) NE,N,NW : at 2109m, on top of mountain, easy to start, great to groundhandling/soaring, 5min. hiking from cableway

2) E : at 2080m, next to cableway, next to hut called 'lodge', rocky

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Diankaskywalker's picture

Hello. Do you know prices this year to get to the take off? What is actual altitude above the water? What is about rescue boats?

Luke de Weert's picture

In 2016 I want to go to Krippenstein from June to August. Is the weather in that period generally ok? The right wind, no rain etc?

jstolba's picture

Is there anybody who wants to train together during the next two weeks?

jstolba's picture

Hey, I'll be there doing some training on my own. Can't train you because being a beginner still. But would love to have some company: there is a motorboat available. so if we train together, one can watch and be ready to run the boat.

Haakon2298's picture

What are the chances of getting some training her in mid october (week 43) ?